Wood Look Floors

When it comes to wood look floors. We have ideas! 

You can either choose hardwood floorings or wood-look tiles. ( Photo on left: wood look tile, Photo on right: wood flooring) Depending on your proposed usages of the space that dictate the amount of traffic, level of maintenance required, you can make a decision on whether you want this surface to be tile or hardwood.

Traditional interpretations of ‘hardwood’ are ‘the real wood’. But we are blessed that our industry has given us many choices nowadays: Hardwood Flooring could loosely falls into FIVE(5) categories:



3.Engineering Flooring

4. Solid Hardwood


Laminates are commonly used in lots of contractor grade residential projects. It falls into the lower budget range, and there are many design options available in regards to patterns, colors, sizes, finishes. Laminates are made out of MDF board(  wood powder glued and pressed together) Most laminates are said to be “water resistance”, but there are stories that the market does not tell you! Come visit us, we will explain the PROs and CONs. hardwood floor

SPC/WPC is now taking over laminate’s significance in the market gradually. SPC stands for Stone Plastic Composite, and it is a type of vinyl flooring. From its name, we know that it is water resistant! Thanks to the technologies. building surfaces markets see lots of budget-friendly SPC coming around the corner. They come in lots of patterns, colors, sizes, finishes. Come visit us to feel the materials and hear about PROs and CONs.

We also have all kinds of engineering hardwood floor and solid hardwood floors. Come visit us to see species, colors, variations, patterns, textures, finishes, sizes and thickness.

In addition to above said wood floorings that are commonly used in residential projects, we also stock LVTs that is the best fit for high traffic/low maintenance areas. LVTs/VCTs are friends of commercial projects, ie: offices, schools, shops. Come visit us to see the materials and potential designs.

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